Nowadays it’s really difficult or unheard of to go a day without hearing someone talk about cryptocurrency or bitcoin investment. I’ve been one to be quite skeptical about investing in crypto but due to the sheer pressure from friends who went all in and ongoing trends in the society leaning on crypto trading, I decided to take a leap of faith back in April.

Most times when I get on YouTube I come across guys calling themselves crypto traders, sometimes I get random messages and mails and I was quite taken by some due to analysis that bitcoin price was down around then and was likely to rise in the coming months. I took out a huge chunk of my savings, about $14000 . It was like a go big or go big situation, no loopholes but it didn’t even take a week for me to realize I’ve been scammed.

I lodged several complains to any security agency I could think of but it was like nothing was happening, all I got was be patient.

A couple of months later, say July. While discussing my predicament with a friend, I got referred to a cybersecurity expert who was dedicated enough to help me recover my investment. I’m very open to share my experience with victims who have been swindled.

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